Jack Evrensel – Proprietor, Toptable Group:

Vincent Massey’s creations are truly outstanding. The various pieces we have in our restaurants enhance the fine dining experiences we offer across our venues. It is our pleasure to support such an exceptionally talented local Whistler artist and display his inspired artwork for all our guests to enjoy.


Michel Beaudry, Communications – Strategic Storytelling:

Earth, water, air and fire: these were the four elements the Ancient Greeks identified as the basic building blocks of life. Of course, we moderns know now that ‘nature’ is a much more complicated affair. And yet…. artists like Vincent and Cheryl Massey continue to be inspired — and motivated — by Antiquity’s four basic elements.  Whether the sea(water) or the mountains (earth), whether throwing pottery (fire) or weaving timeless works from indigenous plants (air), the Masseys’ close-to-nature lifestyle is reflected in every piece of art they produce. Their work is honest work; clean, unpretentious, heartfelt.

One need only visit their Whistler studio for a dramatic representation of their style and philosophy. Earth, water, air and fire: what could be more natural for a Coast Mountain artist?

Sherrill MacLaren, Author and Artist:

Art created for the past 30 years by master potter Vincent (Binty) Massey and basket weaver Cheryl Massey, has unfailingly reflected to their respect for, and inspiration from, the powerful beauty of Whistler’s mountains and the coast of British Columbia’s all encompassing magnificence.  Each of their work, from Binty’s beach-combed painting frames, whimsical tea pots, or huge bowls, and Cheryl’s fat, bulbous kelp baskets residing in our family’s homes, to the magnificent plate hanging in the Governor General’s official residence in Ottawa, shimmers with the energy and joy flowing between the Massey’s and Nature. That for a lifetime they have skied, boated, windsurfed and rescued, which brings a special energy to their creations, and we are so proud to be collectors.