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I have been sharing my knowledge of my craft through classes and workshops. Expanding and inspiring my students artistic talents keeps me as an artist entusiastic about who I am and what I do.  The potters I teach have different abilities from begginer to proffessional and always enjoy my positive energy and passion that I portray through lectures, demos or hands-on courses.  My philosophy of always expanding and evolving my own artistic work and life has been shared with hundreds of students who always leave with new and exciting ideas and new creative goals.

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For your guild, group or school, I offer hands-on or lecture/demo classes that can accommodate 10-30 students depending on the format.  Please contact me to book your workshop.

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In this course, students will design and create a ceramic platter using molds they have created using styrofoam.   Asymmetric, deep, and long forms will be encouraged.  These molds will be carved and sanded, then loaded with a textured slab and left to harden.  Once leather hard, extruded rims, feet and handles will be added to the slabs.  Extruder-die making and design will be explored in depth.This technique is fraught  with challenges and all secrets will be revealed.


Thanks Vincent for a fantastic learning opportunity of my lifetime!

Thanks for a great course, you open sharing, attitude, both with clay and the rest of your life.  It has been a wonderful week.

Thanks Vincent, you are a great potter and awesome teacher and a wonderful person.  Loved the clay dance!

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