Vincent’s work has been described as robust, one of a kind, functional art. Each vision grows out of powdered clay that Vincent blends personally by the ton and then ages like a fine cheese. The aging process aids in the plasticity of the material that is then manipulated into various wheel thrown and hand built forms. Vincent also orchestrates his own glazes, combining granite, chalk, calcium, silica and ashes with pigments such as cobalt, copper and iron. “I am the master of my own realm,” he said. “There isn’t much I don’t do.” By being in control of the process from start to finish gives me a huge sense of satisfaction and pride and a better grasp of quality control”.

The majority of his work is wheel thrown with a focus on crafting functional pottery that enhances the quality of our lives. Salad bowls, tiles, sinks, tea pots, casserole dishes and vases of every description come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours, bringing life to otherwise everyday objects. From professional chefs to amateur food connoisseurs, Vincent’s unique clay slab dishes with extruded rims, handles and feet are becoming a dish of choice to showcase food.