Vincent Massey

A fourth generation artist, Vincent discovered, at the early age of 15, his passion and flare for pottery. His father, a respected architect, and his mother, an established painter, fostered a creative home where Vincent was introduced to artistry as a part of everyday living. His family’s approach to life has translated to his pots, which combine exhibition with functionality. Vincent studied at the renowned West Surrey College of Art and Design in Farnham, England. Here, he specialized in traditional English and Japanese methods of stoneware, including firing techniques of wood, salt and raku.

Further apprenticeships with exceptional English and Canadian potters established him as a professional artist. Vincent continues to develop the art of pottery through the adaptation of traditional methods and glazes. He mixes and ages his own clay and experiments with his own personal glaze recipes to achieve his one-of-a-kind, spontaneous pots. For 20 years, Massey has supported his family as an artist. He supplemented his income with carpentry in the first stages of his career, which lent itself well to building his own house, studio, gallery and kilns.

As well as contributing to the art of ceramics by teaching workshops and master classes throughout B.C., he encourages young, aspiring apprentices. His work is shipped worldwide and eagerly sought by art collectors, hotels and those wishing to enhance their cuisine or dining room with unique, yet practical pottery pieces.