The Gallery

The Vincent Massey Pottery Gallery is located 120 Km north of Vancouver, British Columbia in the beautiful resort town of Whistler.  Art and life are synonymous with the Massey’s. Their home and studio, built by Vincent in 1985, neighbours the gallery and pottery studio on the slopes of Rainbow Mountain adjacent to Whistler.  The gallery is just a 5 minute drive from Whistler village and display’s his most recent creations along side his wife Cheryl’s exquisite baskets. 
Vincent specializes in traditional English and Japanese methods of stoneware, including firing techniques of wood, salt.  “Most people don’t understand what goes into making a pot,” Vincent explained. “But having the studio and gallery next to each other, people get to see the whole picture as well as the lifestyle that goes along with it.  I like to take time out to show them the process of how my pots are made.”
Cheryl creates exquisite traditional basketry woven fro Bull Kelp, Western Red Cedar Bark and Tule Rushes that she and Vincent have gathered from the surrounding forests, lakes and ocean beaches.  The baskets woven with these materials result in intricate colours and textures that distinguish itself as uniquely “West Coast”.
A visit to the studio and gallery illustrates the Massey’s commitment to artistic living that extends beyond the gallery’s walls.  Living in the heart of Whistler, whether skiing, snowboarding or mountain biking, the raw elements of nature inspire and motivate the couple’s creative expressions.
The gallery is open by appointment, call 604-938-3512 or 604-905-8363 to arrange the best time for your visit.