Reduction Fired Pottery Gallery

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Reduction-fired pots are fired in a 90 cu. ft., gas-fired kiln adjacent to Vincent’s studio. Firings can take up to 24 hours to reach the necessary 1300 C temperature. During the latter stages of firing, the kiln is starved of oxygen, resulting in spectacular colours such as iron yellow, temmoku black, cobalt blue, chun-ash blue and red-earth gold as well as copper red and green. “When you start reducing the air that is mixed with the gas, you get brighter colours than the oxidized, electric fired kilns,” he said. By monitoring the kiln himself, opposed to computerized electric kilns, the process is more controlled and offers a uniquely, personalized firing process. With reduction-fired pots, glazes are often applied one over the other and along with a wax resist (similar to batik), the colours manifest themselves in thick, contrasting tones that dramatically ripple into each other.