Salt Fired Pottery Gallery

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Salt-fired pots are the newest edition to Vincent’s gallery. In 1978 while attending an art school in England, he learned about the over 700-year-old firing process that was first discovered by German potters. The finicky process is not for the faint of heart as the technique takes courage, patience and persistence to master. The technique has been slowly perfected by a small circle of brave potters who were willing to accept some harsh results that may or may not have satisfied their artistic plans. A salt firing requires up to 15 kilograms of rock salt, which is shovelled into a salt kiln that is heated between 1200 to 1300 C. The salt immediately melts into a sodium vapour, which attaches itself to the silica in the clay, resulting in the formation of a clear glaze. Depending on the type of clay and coloured glaze applied to the piece, a spectacular, luscious, orange-peel textured glaze appears. Vincent selects this firing process for his more artistic pieces that are further enhanced by a flash of salt.